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Do you need more sophisticated financial reporting than is available in Sage 100? Reports for your bank, your department heads, your board of directors?

Do you need:

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These statements and many more are available with BizInsight™. It's Excel-based so you have complete control of formatting and cell arrangements. Drill down to transaction details and automatically create pivot tables for analysis. Real-time connection to Sage 100 allows you to quickly refresh reports such as these:

  • Balance sheets with ratios
  • Side-by-side departmental statements
  • Cash flow reports
  • Consolidated financial reports
  • Statistical analysis

Are you currently spending 10 to 40 hours each month preparing specialized statements? With BizInsight™, you can produce the same statements in 10 to 40 minutes a month! While BizInsight™ takes advantage of your Excel experience, it does require an investment of time to learn how to use it. We can help:

  • Demonstrate the capability of BizInsight™
  • Assist in the definition of report requirements
  • Provide training for your accounting staff
  • Create reports and train your staff to maintain them

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